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If they’re convinced only half way through, they can just skip and continue to checkout.Let’s look at the same product on Home Depot and Amazon. On receiving a valid request for a time-out the umpire shall suspend play. A game shall be won by the player or pair first scoring 11 points unless both players or pairs score 10 points, when the game shall be won by the first player or pair subsequently gaining a lead of 2 points.To target an object, open the console and click the object. An item targeted in the console is also called a reference.A target may also be selected using the PRID command and the target's Reference ID.” LOTI – Laughing on the inside LOTR – Lord of The Rings () LQTM – Laughing quietly to myself LSHMBH – Laugh so hard my belly hurts LSV – Language, sex and violence LTD – Living the dream LTNS – Long time no see LTOD – Laptop of death LTS – Laughing to self LULT – Love you long time LULZ – Slang for LUS – The girl is lose or not playing it safe sexually () LVM – Left voice mail LWOS – Laughing without smiling LY – Love ya LYLAS – Love you like crazy LYLC – Love you like a sis LYSM – Love you so much LYLAS – Love you like crazy LYLC – Love you like a sis LYSM – Love you so much M8 – Mate MC – Merry Christmas MEGO – My eyes glaze over MEH – Meaning a “shrug” or shrugging shoulders MEHH – Meaning a “sigh” or sighing MFI – Mad for it MGB – May God bless MIRL – Meet in real life MKAY – Meaning “Mmm, okay” MLM – Meaning give the middle finger MM – Sister () NIFOC – Naked in front of computer NIGI – Now I get it NIMBY – Not in my back yard NIROK – Not in reach of keyboard NLT – No later than NM – Nothing much / Never mind NMH – Not much here NMU – Not much, you? RX – Regards RX – Meaning drugs or prescriptions RYB – Read your Bible RYS – Read your screen RYS – Are you single? SUX – Meanings sucks or “it sucks” SWAK – Sent (or sealed) with a kiss SWALK – Sealed (or sealed) with a loving kiss SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactical Team ( T – Think positive T4BU – Thanks for being you T:)T – Think happy thoughts TA – Thanks a lot TAFN – That’s all for now TANK – Meaning really strong TANKED – Meaning “owned” TANKING – Meaning “owning” TAM – Tomorrow a.m.NO1 – No one NOOB – Meaning someone who is bad at () O – Meaning “hugs” O -Over OA – Online auctions OATUS – On a totally unrelated subject OB – Oh baby OB – Oh brother OI – Operator indisposed OIC – Oh, I see OJ – Only joking OL – Old lady OM – Old man OM – Oh, my OMDB – Over my dead body OMFG – Oh my fucking G-d omfglmaobbqroflcopteriss oh my fucking G-d, laugh my ass off, owned, roll on floor spinning around I’m so sad OMG – Oh my G-d OMGYG2BK – Oh my G-d, you got to be kidding OMW – On my way ONL – Online OO – Over and out OOC – Out of character OOH – Out of here OOTD – One of these days OOTO – Out of the office OP – On phone ORLY – Oh really? ) S2S – Sorry to say SA-1 – Special Agent 1st Class SA-2 – Special Agent 2nd Class SA-3 – Special Agent 3rd Class SAL – Such a laugh SA – Special Agent SAM – Smart and mouthy SBT – Sorry ’bout that SC – Stay cool SDMB – Sweet dreams, my baby SETE – Smiling Ear-to-Ear SFAIK – So far as I know SH – Same here SH^ – Shut up SHID – Slapping head in disgust SICNR – Sorry, I could not resist SIG2R – Sorry, I got to run SIHTH – Stupidity is hard to take SIMYC – Sorry I missed your call SIS – Snickering in silence SIT – Stay in touch SK8 Skate SK8NG – Skating SK8R – Skater SK8RBOI – Skater Boy SLAP – Sounds like a plan SMHID – Scratching my head in disbelief SNAFU – Situation normal all fouled up SNERT – Snot nosed egotistical rude teenager SO – Significant other SOAB – Son of a Bitch SOB – Son of a Bitch SOHF – Sense of humor failure SOL – Sooner or later SOL – Shit outta luck or Shit out of luck SOK – It’s ok SOMY – Sick of me yet? TAU – Thinking about u (you) TAUMUALU – Thinking about you miss you always love you TBAG – Process of disgracing a corpse, taunting a fragged/killed player () TIA – Thanks in advance TIAD – Tomorrow is another day TIC – Tongue-in-cheek TILIS – Tell it like it is TLK2UL8R – Talk to you later TL – Too long TMB – Text me back TMI – Too much information TMOT – Trust me on this TMTH – Too much to handle TMWFI – Take my word for it TNSTAAFL – There’s no such thing as a free lunch TNT – Till next time TOF – Twisted Old Fuck TOJ – Tears of joy TOU – Thinking of you TOY – Thinking of you TPA – The Port Authority TPM – Tomorrow p.m.

The key is located below Escape ( Esc ) and just left of the one (1) key.

Console Commands are a debugging tool available to PC players, adding a wide range of functionality to the game.

On American English keyboards, the tilde key (~) will toggle the console screen, but on British English keyboards, that key is the grave key ( ` ).

Home Depot version sucks: They cram the text inside a stupid iframe, only provide you with 3 sentences of information and a bunch of technical info in bullet points.

Amazon version has proper text for humans, turns features into benefits and even provides a comparison table. If you sell stuff you don’t make, don’t just repeat the manufacturer’s canned descriptions.

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Beyaz tenli çıtır kızın manken gibi fiziğini çok beğenen tokmakçı, kıza delice pompa yapıyor. Seksi kızları domaltarak ve ayakta çok harika sikerek ağızlarına yüzlerine boşalıyorlar. Fabrikanın kapısında uyuya kalan siyah iç çamaşırlı seksi kızı, iki işçi görüyor ve içeriye götürüp zorla saatlerce sikiyorlar.

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eharmony's matching is based on using its 29 DIMENSIONS® model to match couples based on features of compatibility found in thousands of successful relationships.

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During the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy of the 1920s, Christian evangelist Bob Jones, Sr.

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Here, in no specific order, are 17 to keep your eye on.

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Accordingly, cybersex is about sex, but a form of sexual encounter involves experiences typical of other encounters, such as sexual arousal, masturbation, orgasm, and satisfaction.

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" After a while, you might start questioning your own sanity in doing the thing which everybody, including your dates in this Internet rendezvous, consider strange enough to request explanations...

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If these startups are making a true claim about the value of their options, there should be a trade here that makes all parties better off.

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