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The objectives of this study were to assess the most important factors that influence productive life (PL) of Brazilian Holstein cows and to estimate genetic parameters for PL using a piecewise Weibull... Sugar cane is widely used in an in natura forage in tropical countries, but the adoption of silage methods facilitates the preservation of its nutritional value and improves the logistics of its use....Our objective was to evaluate the effect of genotype by environment (G×E) interaction for body weight (BW) of meat-type quails (Coturnix coturnix) during the growing period using two strains (LF1 and... The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for female mature weight (FMW), age at first calving (AFC), weight gain from birth to 120 days (WG_B_120), from 210 to 365 days (WG_210_365),...Owners are often reluctant to screen their dogs because of the inconvenience involved. This study describes some of the ways in which animals and their owners interact with society, including dogs with problematic behaviors. Behavioral Testing of Dogs in Animal Shelters to Predict Problem Behavior. This study attempted to create a test useable to screen dogs for behavioral problems, but it had to be administered by a professional behaviorist.This study sought to produce and validate a simple and accurate method to screen for and categorize behavioral problems in dogs. Development and Validation of a Novel Method for Evaluating Behavior and Temperament in Guide Dogs. This study formulated a questionnaire that screened dogs for their suitability as guide dogs.Interestingly, the factor “playing often with the dog” (r = −0.34, P = 0.019) and “reward with a treat/toy when the dog behaves correctly” (r = −0.37, P = 0.010) correlated negatively with cortisol levels, suggesting that positive human interactions reduce stress.In conclusion, hair cortisol is a promising method for revealing the activity of the HPA-axis over a longer period of time, and human interactions influence the cortisol level in dogs., non-invasive saliva sampling has become a useful method to avoid additional stress due to sampling.Canine behaviours that are both desirable and undesirable to owners have a demonstrable genetic component.

Hsu, analysis written according to Intel Science regulations.Annual genetic trends and selection differentials for 305-day milk yield (305MY), age at first calving (AFC), and first calving interval (FCI) were estimated by four selection paths [sires of bulls... Development of sustainable breeding goals for dairy production has to consider the producers' preferences which are likely to differ between production systems. Júlia Gazzoni Jardim | Ricardo Augusto Mendonça Vieira | Alberto Magno Fernandes | Raphael Pavesi Araujo | Leonardo Siqueira Glória | Nardele Moreno Rohem Júnior | Norberto Silva Rocha | Matheus Lima Correa Abreu The goals of this study were to evaluate the ability of a nonlinear optimization tool to provide solutions for maintaining consistent qualities of diets irrespective of the plane of nutrition (L) and...Electronic animal identification is an important technology in modern animal husbandry providing great benefits. In this study, we analyzed insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), growth hormone receptor (GHR) and uncoupling protein (UCP) m RNA expression in the muscle and liver of high- (0.23g/g) and low- (0.17g/g)...Some behaviours are breed-specific, such as “livestock guarding” by maremmas and “flank sucking” seen in Dobermanns.Identification of genes responsible for canine monogenic diseases (caused by one gene) is advancing rapidly, but the genes underlying behaviours remain elusive.

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At its worst, it amounts to an invasion of the celebritys privacy; after all, even famous people are human beings entitled to pursue romantic relationships as they please. Very often, such characters will be a musicians girlfriend whose antics or presence cause the band to break up; shes often a direct send-up of Trope Namer Yoko Ono.

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