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2/ Natural sinks have suddenly filled up, the ocean is full, and we are near a tipping point. This is proof finally, in your faith that renewables will not cripple economies. A slightly slower but still unusual rate of increase has continued into 2017.Scientists are concerned about the cause of the rapid rises because, in one of the most hopeful signs since the global climate crisis became widely understood in the 1980s, the amount of carbon dioxide that people are pumping into the air seems to have stabilized in recent years, at least judging from the data that countries compile on their own emissions.In the 1990′s the classic Vostok ice core graph showed temperature and carbon in lock step moving at the same time.It made sense to worry that carbon dioxide did influence temperature.Carbon may still influence temperatures, but these ice cores are neutral on that. Some other factor is more important than carbon dioxide, or carbon’s role is minor.If both factors caused each other to rise significantly, positive feedback would become exponential. Permission for use: These images are available for media and non-profit use.

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This rock face is about a quarter mile below the surface, and, according to John Taule, it's loaded with gold, somewhere. That's where Gayle Fitzwater and the assay team come in. I think I've seen one of these machines at Starbucks. It is, perhaps, the most emotional of the elements. Tin added in small amounts to copper makes bronze, the first manmade metal alloy. This is The Verdin Company, a 170-year-old family-run business in Cincinnati, Ohio.1/ Human emissions are irrelevant — global CO2 is controlled by ocean currents, phytoplankton, other stuff. a bank of sophisticated machines sniffs that air day and night, revealing telltale indicators of the way human activity is altering the planet on a major scale.Efforts to control global CO2 through windmills and electric cars are a complete waste of money. 3/ Pretend not to notice, instead, rejoice that Global GDP is which means that for the first time in 100,000 years, humans have disconnected economic development from burning carbon based stuff. For more than two years, the monitoring station here, along with its counterparts across the world, has been flashing a warning: The excess carbon dioxide scorching the planet rose at the highest rate on record in 20.The extraordinary thing is that the lag is well accepted by climatologists, yet virtually unknown outside these circles.The fact that temperature leads is not controversial. It’s impossible to see a lag of centuries on a graph that covers half a million years so I have regraphed the data from the original sources, here and here, and scaled the graphs out so that the lag is visible to the naked eye.

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Chathurika Peiris had said that she wanted to remain single for some time .

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He has a younger brother named Park Yu-hwan who is also an actor.

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| „Auch wenn ich wüsste, dass morgen die Welt zugrunde geht, würde ich heute noch einen Apfelbaum pflanzen.“ Die eigenen Hoffnungen kann man, im Sinne Luthers, mit einem digitalen Apfelbaum einpflanzen.